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2. Fragment

 ς καιρο Ι


Limestone fragment broken all round and at the back. It was found beneath the acropolis of Boubon by Prof. F. Işık (Antalya) during a visit of the area in 2005, and was handed over to the site guard Sükrü Gökalp. We studied the stone and took a squeeze in August 2005. The piece was brought to the Burdur Museum.

Height: ca. 7 cm; length: ca. 6 cm; letters: 1 cm (οmicron: 0.8 cm).


Ll. 1-2: These remains are strongly reminiscent of ll. 2-3 of the treaty-fragment now at the Burdur Museum (see above). Considering that both the style and size of the letters closely agree with those of the piece at Burdur, this new fragment may have belonged to a similar document, or even to the same inscription.