The catalogue comprises published and unpublished inscriptions from Boubon and from areas likely to have belonged to its territory, including areas that we have not surveyed because they were not included in our permit, notably the villages Sofular and Çameli and their environs to the west and northwest of Boubon. Inscriptions from Dirmil/Altınyayla ca. 12 km NE of Dikmen Tepe, though less likely to have belonged to its territory, are nevertheless listed as nos. 92-102 in the print version of this report (ISBN 978-960-7905-47-5.)
Fifteen inscriptions are here published for the first time (nos. 2, 32, 43, 49, 54, 64-70, 73-75). Thirty one are previously published texts that we have been able to inspect (nos. 1, 8-17, 19–21, 23, 26, 29, 47, 48, 53, 58-61, 63, 71, 72, 78, 92, 100, 102). A total of 56 known texts we have not rediscovered. One inscription found during our survey (no. 25) was published for the first time in Kokkinia 2007. Nos. 1-38 are inscriptions from the main site of Boubon on Dikmen Tepe. Some of the inscriptions were reported in earlier publications as found in Boubon, without further specification. These include the epitaphs nos. 37 and 38, which may have come from the ancient necropolis at the southeast foot of the mountain. Nos. 39-44 are known to originate from that necropolis. Nos. 45-57 and 58-70 were found in the villages İbecik and Elmalıyurt in the immediate vicinity of Boubon. At least one text now in İbecik (no. 29) was originally found on Dikmen Tepe, as is very likely the case with other inscribed stones at İbecik and Elmalıyurt. Nos. 71 and 72 were found in the ruins of what may have been a rural shrine 3 km to the east of Boubon. Texts originating from areas to the north of Boubon include nos. 73-76 from Yeşildere/İbecikdere, 6 km northwest of Boubon; nos. 77-78 from Sofular, 7 km west–northwest of Boubon; nos. 79-85 from Çameli, 12 km north–northwest of Boubon; and nos. 86-90 from Kızılyaka, Bıçakçı, Taşavlu, and Hekimler, all 10-14 km north–northwest of Boubon. No. 91 was recorded to have been found on the border of a small plain situated ca. 17 km west of Boubon.
If not otherwise indicated, the inscriptions date to Roman Imperial times. Frequencies of personal names indicated in the catalogue are based on Zgusta 1964 and the invaluable electronic tools provided by LGPN and the Packard Humanities Institute.

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