The theatre


The roughly semicircular theatre of Boubon is situated above and northwest of the agora. Its back is buried (pl. 4, 4), and it is therefore not clear whether it is built into the slope or is a free-standing building surrounded by an analemma. Both parodos walls are well preserved. Behind the eastern parodos wall, a corbel-vaulted room, possibly a closed diazoma or simply a chamber of the substructure, is visible beneath some broken seats. The middle part of the koilon is substantially buried. At present, 18 rows of seats can be counted, which are presumably divided into four kerkides by three narrow staircases. (Spratt and Forbes [1847, p. 265] mention 20 rows of seats.) There is not an open diazoma. A terrace wall at the south of the theatre has largely collapsed, the skene is entirely lacking, and the orchestra can scarcely be recognized within overlying earth that extends as high as the second row of seating. Based on the architecture, the construction date of the theatre of Boubon may be Hellenistic.


Boubon, theater.
Drawing: M. Stoll.

Theatre Drawing