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16. Dedication of a statue of young Caracalla


Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

Inscription on the pedestal at the east wall of the Sebasteion. The inscription occupies parts of blocks F 1 and F 5.

Letters: 3-3.5 cm.

Jones 1979, no. 11; SEG 27 (1977), no. 921; İnan 1993, p. 228, no. 8 (pl. XIII, F cf. pl. XVIII).

Ll. 1-2 : The first two lines had been overlooked by the first excavator, therefore they were first published in 1993 by J. İnan on the base of her own excavation of 1990. Like the inscription in honor of Julia Domna, that for young Caracalla begins on the top course of profiled blocks (F 1) and extends to the writing space available on the block below (F 5).

Ll. 3-6 : The marked irregularity in the disposition of the text is due to damage on the surface of the stone in lines 3 and 4. "The honorand is Caracalla, not earlier than 198 because of 'Sebastos' and not later than 211 because of the accompanying statues of his parents" (Jones, op. cit., p. 293).

A head of young Caracalla in the Charles and Xenia Lipson collection is presumed to correspond to this dedication; İnan (1979), pp. 278-280, cf. id. (1993), p. 228 with pl. XXXIV.42-43; Queyrel 2003, p. 120, no. 12.