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34. Honorary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Artemon, a victor in pancration


ἐπὶ ἀγωνοθέτου̣
τοῦ ἀξιολογωτά̣[του] γ
εγονότος λυκ̣ιά̣[ρ]–
χου Μάρκου Αὐρ̣[η]–
λίου Τρωΐλου Μά–
γαντος τοῦ Τρω[ΐ]–
λου, Βουβωνέος
καὶ Καδυανδέος,
  Μᾶρ(κος) Αὐρ(ήλιος)
Ἀρτέμων τρίς
Μελεάγρου, Βου–
βωνεύ̣ς, νεικήσας
ἀγῶ[ν]α θέμιδος τε̣τ̣ρ̣[α?]–
ετηρικῆς παίδων

During the presidency of the games of the most notable ex-Lyciarch Marcus Aurelius Troilos, son of Magas, son of Troilos, citizen of Boubon and Kadyanda, Marcus Aurelius Artemon III, great grandson of Meleagros, citizen of Boubon, having won the boys' contest in pancration in the triennial prize games.

Rectangular base, found and documented in Boubon (no further specification) by Heberdey in 1895. Bean and Schindler found the stone in 1966 "below the theater" and produced a new squeeze.

Dimensions not available.

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L. 10 : Ἀρτέμων: cf. nos.5 and 72.

L. 11 : Μελέαγρος: cf. no.5.

L. 15 : Πανκράτι(ο)ν: on the disappearance of the iota from word endings in -ιον see Brixhe 1987, pp. 49-50.