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41. Epitaph for the father of Hermaios and Arapias

Ἑρμαῖος καὶ
Αραπιας τῷ πα–
τρὶ μνήμης χά–

Hermaios and Arapias in their father's memory6.

Funerary column of pinkish limestone, found and documented by Bean and Schindler in 1966 at the foot of the mountain of Boubon on the eastern side, in what seems to have been a necropolis.

Height: 100 cm; diameter: 40 cm; letters: not available.

Schindler 1972, no. 18 (pl. 5.24: squeeze); BullÉp 1973, no. 461; Milner 1998, p. 2, no. 1.31.

Ll. 1-2 : On Ἑρμαῖος see no. 71. An Αραπιας is also attested in a new inscription from Boubon (cf. no. 67). Zgusta 1964, no. 82.2 provides another example from the Cibyratis of this apparently very rare name, in this case written Αραπειας. Another example in known from Hermione in the Argolid (IG IV 732, col. IV.1, l. 15).