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42. Epitaph of Chrysanthe

Αὐρ(ήλιος) Ἀρτέμων Χρυσάν–
θῃ τῇ γλυκυτάτῃ
γυνεκὶ μν ή μη ς

Aurelius Artemon in memory of his sweet wife Chrysanthe7.

Funerary column, found and documented by Bean and Schindler in 1966 at the foot of the mountain of Boubon on the East, in what seems to have been a necropolis.

Height: 89 cm; diameter: 36 cm; letters: ca. 2.5 cm.

Schindler 1972, no. 20 (pl. 2.12: sqeeze); Milner 1998, p. 3, no. 1.32.

L. 1-2 : Ἀρτέμων: cf. no. 5. The feminine name Χρυσάνθη, popular in modern Greek, is rather rare in antiquity. However, it is attested elsewhere in imperial times; TAM V 624 (Daldis, dated to 157/158 CE); ibid. 633; SEG 34 (1984), 1104 (Ephesos).