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43. Epitaph of Arteimis (?)

ΠΩ [ca. 3] N .
[τῇ γυ]ν̣αικί
[μνή]μης χά[ριν]

Two adjoining fragments of a round, molded funerary column, found and documented in September 2006 at the foot of the mountain of Boubon on the eastern side, in what seems to have been a necropolis.

Height (both fragments): 60 cm; diameter (profile): ca. 44 cm; letters: 2.5-3 cm.


L. 4 : The name of the wife appears to be Αρτειμις, possibly a form of Αρτεμις, on which see no. 23. A dative Αρτειμει is also attested in TAM III 721. On a female name Ἀρτείμη see Robert (1937), p. 370 n. 2.