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49. Epitaph of Epaphroditos


Καλιστης ἀνέσ–
τησεν Ἐπαφροδεί–
τω τὸ ἀγγί(ον?) μνή–
μης χάριν. Ἐπαφρόδιτος
παρόδυς χαίρι<ν>.
Ἤμην, ἐγενό–
μην, oὐκ ἴμι, οὐ μέλι μυ.

Kalistes erected the sacrophagus (?) in the memory of Epaphroditos. Epaphroditos greets the passers-by. I was, I have been; I am not, I care not.

Round, profiled funerary column, seen and documented in September 2004 in Burdur, in the garden of the governor of the province (vali). It has been brought there from İbecik. The lettering is very irregular.

Height: 105 cm; diameter: 40 cm (profile); letters: 1.7-3 cm.


L. 1-2 : Καλιστης is either the female name Καλίστη with a sigma erroneously added at the end of the word, or more likely the male name Καλ(λ)ιστης, attested also in Alexandria Troas (IK Alexandreia 72). On Ἐπαφρόδ(ε)ιτος see no. 71.

L. 3 : τὸ ἀγγί is clearly legible on the squeeze. It is either a stone-cutter's error for ἀγγ(ε)ῖον or a form resulting from the common (and, in later Greek, universal) phenomenon of the -ον of endings in -ιον being dropped. The column apparently belonged to a funerary monument including a sarcophagus.

L. 5-6 : The nu of χαίρ(ε)ιν has been omitted. Read: παρόδοις χαίρειν. Ἤμην, ἐγενόμην, oὐκ εἴμι, οὐ μέλει μοι. The more usual theme is οὔκ ἤμην, ἐγενόμην, oὐκ εἴμι, οὐ μέλει μοι: I was not, I became (was born); I am not (any more), I care not. It is popular in Latin epitaphs (non fui, fui etc.). On this and similar themes, see Lattimore 1962, p. 8.