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51. Epitaph for Helix (?)

Αὐρ(ήλιος) Εὔδωρος
τῷ υἱῷ Ἕλικι
 μνήμης χά–

Aurelius Eudoros in memory of his son Helix.

Round funerary altar of limestone, seen by V. Bérard in front of the guest house in İbecik. There is another documentation of the stone in the Wiener Akademie, made by Heberdey in 1895.

Dimensions not available.

Bérard, BCH 15 (1891), no. 36; Schindler 1972, no. 27 (p. 54: Kalinka's and Bérard's drawings); BullÉp 1973, no. 461; Milner 1998, p. 4, no. 2.6.

L. 1 : Εὔδωρος: the name is common in mainland Greece, particularly in Delphi, and rather rare in Asia Minor. It occures at least three times in Lycia: TAM II 238; 631; 1089.

L. 2 : Ἕλιξ corresponds to Kalinka's reading of the stone; Bérard's copy of this line held ἑαυτοῦ instead, a reading rejected by Schindler on grounds of the general inaccuracy of Bérard's drawing. One might add that a formulation "Aurelios Eudoros for his son in memory", without mention of the son's name, would be highly unusual. Helix, though a rare name, is all the same attested in Asia Minor: IK Iasos 103 and 105 (Caria); TAM IV, 1 191 (Bithynia); SEG 6 (1932), 203 (Phrygia).