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54. Epitaph of Pia


Ἑρμαῖ̣ος Τρ̣ω-
ΐλου Πίαν
ἐαυτοῦ γ[υ]ν̣[αίκα]
κ̣αὶ Α
Μ .

Hermaios son of Troilos (set up this monument for) his wife Pia and [---]

Round funerary column, profiled at the top. The lower part, and to some extent also the upper part of the stone is buried in the ground. Seen and documented in August 2004 in the garden of Şakır Konuk in İbecik.

Height: at least 48 cm; diameter (profile): 42 cm; letters: 3 cm.


L. 1-2 : On Ἑρμαῖος see no. 71; οn Τρω ΐ λος no. 23. Πία: cf. IK Kibyra I 234, 305; for other Latin names, mostly praenomina, in use as Greek names see Milner 1991, p. 37. On the accusative see no. 35.