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57. Inscription on a stone table leg.



acceptable (?)

Table leg with a fluted lower part, seen in 1966 by Bean and Schindler in a house in İbecik.

Height: Schindler (p. 28, n. 87) calculates the height of the object on the basis of the height of the letters to ca. 70 cm; diameter not available; letters 1.1-1.6 cm.

Schindler 1972, no. 5 (pl. 1.2: stone); Milner 1998, p. 3, no. 2.2.

The inscription apparently consisted of only one word, engraved around the leg a little higher than the middle. It may belong to a time when this table leg was in re-use in another function, as it would have been illegible in this position under a table top (Schindler). It seems likely that the word is to be understood with Schindler as προσδεκτό(ν), rather than Προσδέκτο (as suggested to Schindler by P. Herrmann). Whereas in the first case we would be dealing with the common phenomenon of a neuter loosing the final -ν, no grammatical form of the name Πρόσδεκτος would agree with Προσδεκτο. The word προσδεκτόν appears in the Septuagint (Sept. Proverbia 16.15), and may have had some connection with offerings. Alternatively, a sigma may be missing at the end: Πρόσδεκτο<ς> (Milner).