Elmalı Yurt / Pırnaz

64. Epitaph of Tata(s?) and Artemeis

Τατα̣ν̣ [ – –]
νος και Ἀ̣[ρτε–]
μεις Πολέ[μ]ω̣–
νος, Τατας μέν
υἱὸν, Ἀρτεμεις
δὲ ἀδελφόν,
μνήμης ἔνεκεν

In memory of Tatas (?) [(son of ...)], and Artemeis daughter of Polemon, (Tatas having been) the son of Tata and brother of Artemeis.

Round, profiled funerary column, seen and documented in August 2004 in the garden of Bayram Ali Tekeli in Elmali Yurt, Kelalılar mahalesi.

Height: 66.5 cm; diameter: 32 cm; letters: 3 cm.


L. 1 : Ταταν can be the accusative of either the female name Τατα (see no. 58, and here l. 4) or the male name Τατας (IK Kibyra I 81; Zgusta 1964, no.1517.17; 1517.21; Milner 1998, p. 4). Possibly, the end of this line read Πολέμ-, in which case the deceased Τατα(ς) mentioned in l. 1 would be a sibling of Ἀρτεμεις. Because of υἱόν in l. 5 we must be dealing with a man (Τατας), the son of a woman named Τατα (l. 4).

Ll. 2-3 : On Ἀρτεμεις see no. 23. Πολέμων is among the most common names in Cibyra, attested more than twenty times in IK Kibyra I.

L. 5 : Next to the nominative, Ἀρτεμεις may also represent the genitive of this female name, as in no. 39.

This was possibly the gravestone of Tatas and his sister Artemeis, both children of Polemon. Tatas was the son of Tata, but Artemeis may have had a different mother.