Elmalı Yurt / Pırnaz

68. Epitaph of Artemisia (?)

Ν̣α̣ν̣α̣ς̣ Με[ –––] Ο[ –2–] Ἀρτεμ[ισ?]ία? vac
Τρωΐλου                    ἀτῆς τέκνον vac
ἀνέστησεν μνήμης ἔνε–

Nanas (daughter of?) Me[----] raised (the tomb) in memory of her child Artem[isia?] daughter of Troilos.

Fragment from the upper part of a round, profiled funerary column with an almost entirely worn relief. Seen and documented in August 2004 in a field belonging to Mevlüt Dirmili, in the district Divre Mevkii near Elmalı Yurt. The text was arranged on both sides of the relief which may have shown two busts. The lettering is very irregular.

Height: 39 cm; diameter: 36 cm (body); letters: ca. 1.5 cm.


L. 1 : The female name Νανας is a variant of Ναν(ν)a. On both cf. no. 48. Αρτεμισία, an otherwise popular female name, is absent from the onomastic material in IK Kibyra I.

L. 2 : Τρωΐλος: see no. 23. The alpha of ἀτῆς is a small letter added above the line. On this form instead of αὐτῆς cf. Brixhe 1987, p. 57. The form ἀτῷ occurs in Cibyra (IK Kibyra I 329).