Yeşildere / İbecikdere

74. Epitaph of Kallikles' wife

Καλλικ̣λῆς Νεα[------------ ]
δ̣ου την ἐ[α]υ̣τ̣οῦ γ[υναίκα ---]

Naiskos stele, built into a terrace wall in the garden of Mustafa Salman in Yeşildere (İbecikdere), Eşveren Mahalesi.

Height: 75 cm; length: 41.5 (pediment), 44 cm (bottom); letters: 1.5 cm.


L. 1 : Apparently only the lower part of the stone was inscribed, though we were unable to establish with certainty whether faint traces on the epistyle might belong to an inscription too. Καλλικλῆς: see no. 72. The following name must be that of Kallikles' father, possibly Νέαρχος (cf. no. 28) or Νέανδρος.