Yeşildere / İbecikdere

75. Fragment of an epitaph

[----- ἀνέστη]σε φιλοστοργίας χά[ριν]

set up (?) for (his/her/their/) affection

Marble slab, broken all around except at the top, where it was apparently cut for reuse. The stone was found at Çakmak Mevkii, in the territory of Yeşildere (İbecikdere), 7 km NW of Boubon. It is now in the garden of the Burdur Museum (Inv. 245.98.94).

Height: 43 cm; lenght: 65 cm; depth: 0.5-8 cm; letters: 2-4 cm.


[ἀνέστη]σε (cf. no. 69 for this form without a nu) or [ἐποίη]σε.