85. Epitaph of Simonis

       Ἔνθα κατά–
χιτε ὡ τῆς μα(κα)–
ρίας μνήμης Σιμ–

Here lies Simonis, of blessed memory.

Heavy rectangular limestone slab with an engraved cross, seen by Naour in 1974 at the secondary school at Çameli.

Height: 40 cm; length: 20 cm; depth 10 cm; letters: not available.

Naour (1976), p. 116, no. 8 (pl. VI.8); SEG 26 (1976-77), 1424.

L. 2-4 : In the common formula ὁ τῆς μακαρίας μνήμης, the word μακαρίας appears to have been abbreviated to μα., because there is nothing on the stone at the end of this line or the beginning of the next (Naour). Σιμωνις is here obviously a male name (ὡ instead of ὁ) and must be read as Σιμῶνις.