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86. Epitaph of Hiereia

ἐπὶ <Ἱ>ερείᾳ
καί τοῖς τέκ[ν]–
ο<ι>ς ἐπέστησ–
εν στήλην
εἰς μνήμης

Artemeis erected a stele on Hiereia and her children, in their memory.

Round molded funerary base of local limestone with a relief depicting a man standing on the left, with a spear in his right hand, and a veiled woman on the right. Seen by Naour in 1974 in the schoolyard at Kızılyaka (3.5 km SE of Çameli, 9.5 NW of Boubon). Though the stone was broken at the bottom, its original size was still ascertainable. Naour mentions ancient architectural remains laying about in Kızılyaka.

Naour 1976, p. 120-121, no. 12 (pl. VII.12); SEG 26 (1976-77), no. 1427.

L. 1 : On Ἀρτεμεις see no. 23.

L. 2 : Ἱέρεια as a personal name must be very rare, but see an example mentioned in LGPN 3a. The use of ἐφίστημι with ἐπί + the name of the deceased is uncommon in funerary texts (LSJ ἐφίστημι A.I). Ἐπί without a verb, followed directly by the name of the deceased, is common in Lycia; cf. the examples given by Naour, op. cit. 120, n. 42 (delete TAM II 597a, add 545).

L 7 : κάριν instead of χάριν is attested elsewhere; Naour, op. cit., p. 120, n. 43.