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7. Fragment found at the Sebasteion (Hellenistic?)

[- - - ?] Αραπίου Ο.[- - -]
[- - -]ΜΟΛΗΟ[Ο - - -]

Height: 15-19 cm; length: 18 cm.

İnan 1993, p. 218, no. 17 (pl. XXIII.26: drawing).

This piece was found during the excavation in 1990. It is unknown exactly where and how. İnan says only that it was found "bei der Grabung". To judge by the letters, this piece belonged to an early Roman or Hellenistic text, as did nos. 1, 2 and 3. It is quite possible that the early texts were inscribed on monuments set up on the acropolis. In that case, they would easily have ended up in the area of the Sebasteion and the agora through erosion and looting.