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15. Dedication of a statue of Julia Domna


Julia Augusta, Mother of the Imperial Camps.


Inscription on the pedestal at the east wall of the Sebasteion. The inscription occupies parts of blocks F 1 and F 4.

Letters: 3-3.5 cm.

Jones 1979, no. 8; SEG 27 (1977), no. 920; İnan 1993, p. 227, no. 7 (pl. XIII, F cf. pl. XVIII).

Ll. 3-5 : "Julia Domna received the title of mater castrorum in 195, and retained it until her death in 217, but the proximity of a base of Caracalla as Augustus and of Septimius Severus in his lifetime shows that this inscription is no earlier than 198 and no later than 211" (Jones, op. cit., p. 292). In Roman times, and in a context such as this, the word ἱερός refers to a connection with the emperor (LSJ ἱερός II.3.c; cf. Jones, loc. cit.).

The style and size of the letters closely resemble those of inscription no. 16 for young Caracalla. Also the disposition of the two texts, with the first two words inscribed one below the other on the top course of stones, reveals their common origin.