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12. Dedication of a statue of Lucius Verus

Λ(ούκιον) [Αὐ]ρήλιον Οὐῆρον

Lucius Aurelius Verus

Inscription on the pedestal at the north wall of the Sebasteion. The inscription occupies block E 12 and parts of E 11 and E 13.

Letters: 4.5-5 cm.

İnan 1993, pp. 221-222, no. 15 (pl. XIII, E cf. pl. XV)

The inscription for Lucius Verus was discovered during J. İnan's excavation in 1990 (see above). The text was inscribed on stones of the top course of the north pedestal, to the right of the inscription for Marcus Aurelius and above the dedication in honor of Nerva. Unsurprisingly, the lettering is the same as that of the inscription for Marcus Aurelius, and the two texts will have been produced at the same time. The discovery of this text confirmed the previous assumption that a statue of Lucius Verus in the Leon Levy and Shelby White Collection in New York derived from the Sebasteion (İnan, op. cit., p. 221; pl. XXIVII.30; XXVIII.31-32; Mattusch 1996, pp. 331-339, no. 50; Queyrel 2003, p. 120, no. 11). The figure lacks only its right arm, but appears to have been poorly restored (ibid.).