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50. Epitaph for the son of Hermes


Ἑρμῆς ἀπελεύ̣–
θερος Οὐαρπει–
μίου Ἰάσονος
ἰδίῳ ὑῷ μνή–
μης χάριν.

Hermes, freedman of Ou(a?)rpimios Iason, in memory of his son.

Funerary column, found and documented by Bean and Schindler in 1966 near the mosque in İbecik.

Height: 94 cm; diameter: 31 cm; letters: 2.5- 4 cm.

Schindler 1972, no. 23 (pl. 5.26: photo of squeeze, printed upside down); BullÉp 1973, no. 461; Milner 1998, p. 4, no. 2.5.

L. 1 : Ἑρμῆς emerges as a personal name in the first cent. CE. See Parker 2000, passim and particularly p. 57 with n. 18.

L. 2-3 : Οὐαρπείμιος: Schindler (op. cit.), p. 50, expresses doubts concerning the reading of this name. He prefers ΟΥΑΡΠΕΙΜΙΟΥ to ΟΥΡΠΕΙΜΙΟΥ. Though on that particular spot the squeeze is rather good, the alpha is not clearly discernible on the photograph provided. Schindler adduces examples of other Lycian names ending in - πειμις or πιμις: Ἀρμαδαπιμις, Ἀρσαδαπειμις, Δελεπιμις, Ἑρμαδαπειμις and Ἑρμαδαπιμις, Μαναπιμις, Ορνεπειμις; Zgusta 1964 97.1; 107.1; 265.1; 355.2-3; 855a; 1107.2. The name Ἰάσων is mostly characteristic of Caria. It is not particularly common in the Cibyratis (but see IK Kibyra I 156 and 332) or in Pisidia. It is attested more frequently in Lycia.