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52. Epitaph of Rhodon



Rhodon (for) himself while he lived.

Round funerary column, found by Collignon in 1876 in the garden of a house in İbecik and published by him in 1879.

Height: 79 cm; diameter and letter size: not available.

Collignon 1879, no. 4; Schindler 1972, no. 34; Milner 1998, p. 4, no. 2.10.


On the name Ῥόδων, see no. 39. Ἑατόν instead of ἑαυτόν is not uncommon; cf. IK Kibyra I 197; 298; 346. On expressions such as ζῶν, ζῶσα see no. 39. On the name of the deceased placed in the accusative case (ἑατόν), see no. 35.