Elmalı Yurt / Pırnaz

61. Epitaph of Hermaios

Πύθεος Καλικλ–
έου Ἑρμαίῳ τῷ ἰ̣[δ–]
ίῷ υἱῷ ἐποίησε φ–
ιλοστοργίας ἕνεκα

Pytheos, son of Kallikles, made (this monument) for his son Hermaios, for his affection.

Round funerary column with molded top and bottom, found in 1985 by Hall at the primary school at Elmalı Yurt (formerly Pırnaz). In 2005 the stone was still in the courtyard of the school, in front of the main entrance to the building. It is partly broken at the top.

Height: 78 cm; diameter: at least 47 cm; letters: 2-2.5 cm.

Milner 1998, p. 4, no. 3; SEG 48 (1998), no. 1569.

Ll. 1-3 : On Πύθεος, see Milner's comments: the name is a reduced form of Pytheios, which means "belonging to Pythian Apollo", and is common in Ionia, especially in the area around the sanctuary of Apollo at Klaros. Cf. Masson 1986a, p. 180. On Καλλικλῆς see no. 72; on Ἑρμαῖoς no. 71. In l. 2, Milner had read an Y after τῷ, which led him to assume a mistake of the stone mason, and to transcribe: τῷ υ|ἱῷ {υἱῷ} ἐποίησε. Neither on the stone itself nor on the squeeze did the vertical stroke after τῷ in line 2 appear to us to belong to an upsilon. That letter is much more likely to be a iota, therefore we need not assume a stonecutter's error. We are obviously dealing with the well-attested expression τῷ ἰδίῳ υἱῷ; cf. IK Smyrna 357; IK Ephesos 504; TAM V 232; 1292; 1141; MAMA 7 55; 112; 465 etc.