Elmalı Yurt / Pırnaz

66. Epitaph of Troilos

Τρωΐλος καὶ Ε Ι
ἀνέστησoν τόν β̣ωμ̣όν
πατρὶ Τρωΐλῳ
μνήμης χάριν

Troilos and E[--] raised the tomb (or altar) in memory of their father Troilos

Round, tapering funerary column, profiled at the bottom. The top is not visible because the stone is buried upside-down in the ground. Seen and documented in August 2004 in the garden of Halil Bilgin in Elmalı Yurt.

Height: at least 104.5 cm; diameter: 49 cm (profile); letters: 3 cm.


L. 1 : on Τρωΐλος see no. 72.

L. 2 : ἀνέστησoν is obviously a mistake for (or a local variant of) ἀνέστησαν, a plural since the persons raising the tomb were two: a person named Troilos and a person whose name began with an epsilon. They were both children of the deceased Troilos mentioned in l. 4. Βωμός may refer to the shape of the stone or may simply mean tomb (βωμός, LSJ A.3).