Elmalı Yurt / Pırnaz

70. Epitaph

Λούκιος –––––
ἀνέστησε ––––––––––––––––– ΩΝ

Round, profiled funerary column, seen and documented in September 2004 on the side of the street in Pazar Yeri (earlier Delipazar, also called Künüklük or Dazgır, ca. 1 km SW of Boubon near the cemetery of Elmalı Yurt). The stone is very worn and blotched with blue paint. Despite returning in 2005 for better light, and despite a good squeeze, the text appears impossible to read.

Height: ca. 120 cm; diameter: ca 50 cm (profile); letters: 2-2.5 cm.


L. 1 : Lucius appears as a Greek name also in IK Kibyra I 195; 243; 259; 242 as Λούκι(o)ς; 156 (partly restored). Other Latin praenomina in use as Greek names: Milner 1991, p. 37.