Yeşildere / İbecikdere

73. Epitaph of Isikrates

Τρωΐλος [Ἰ]σι–
κράτου ἀνέστη–
σεν ἀδελπὸν Ἰσ–

Troilos son of Isikrates set up (this monument for) his brother Isikrates.

Round funerary column with relief depicting a funerary banquet. Seen and documented in August 2005 in the garden of Mustafa Salman in Yeşildere (İbecikdere), Eşveren Mahalesi. The inscription is enclosed in a tabula ansata.

Height: at least 95 cm; diameter: 37 cm; letters: 2-2.5 cm.


Ll. 1-2 : Τρωΐλος: see no. 23. Ἰσικράτης appears to be a rare name. A few examples are known from Athens: IG II2 1832, col. III, l. 22 (Φλ. Εἰσικράτης); 2059 col. III, l. 118 cf. 119 (Ἐπίκτητος Ἰσικράτους).

L. 3 : ἀδελπόν in place of ἀδελφόν: for the confusion of pi and phi, probably a Phrygian influence, see Brixhe 1987, pp. 110-113. On the accusative see no. 35.