79. Epitaph of Kadaouas

καὶ Καδαουας
Κα<δ>αουᾳ <τ>ο πα–
τρὶ μνίας ἔνε–

Apollonis and Kadaouas, in memory of their father Kadaouas.

Round molded funerary base, seen by Naour in 1974 at the entrance of a house near the secondary school in Çameli. The stone had been brought there from the old Turkish cemetery.

Height: 150 cm; diameter: 64 cm; letters 3.5 cm.

Naour 1976, p. 112, no. 1 (pl. V.1); SEG 26 (1976-77), no. 1417.

L. 1 : The stone has ΑΠΟΔΔΟΝΙΣ. Ἀπολλώνις instead of Ἀπολλώνιoς is frequently attested in Imperial times. Cf. IK Kibyra I 119; 214. Alternatively, this could be the feminine name Ἀπολλωνίς (Naour). On cases of women's names preceding those of men in Roman epitaphs, see Boudreau 1984.

L. 2 : There are different variations of the epichoric male name Καδαουας (Καδουας, Καδαος, Καδαυος, Καδαυας, Καδας, Καδαας), attested mainly in Lydia and Pisidia; see Zgusta 1964, no. 500; cf. Naour (op. cit.), p. 112 with notes 8-11. For Cibyra, see IK Kibyra I, no. 225.

L. 3 : The stone has ΚΑΛΑΟΥΑ.

Ll. 4-5: The form ἔνεκον instead of ἔνεκα is uncommon (i.a. IK Smyrna 403; 416, TAM IV,1 276; V 682; 1325; IK Iznik 1257; 1296); cf. Naour (op. cit.) p. 113.