80. Epitaph of Kadaas

Καδαας Καδααδι
τῷ τέκνῳ τὸν βωμὸν
   μνείας χάριν.

Kadaas (dedicated) the altar for his son Kadaas in memory.

Round molded funerary altar with a relief depicting a young child, seen by Naour in 1974 in the courtyard of the secondary school in Çameli. The stone had been brought there from the old Turkish cemetery. Broken at the bottom.

Height: at least 100 cm; diameter: 45 cm; letters 2.5 cm.

Naour 1976, p. 113, no. 2 (pl. V.2); SEG 26 (1976-77), no. 1418.

L. 1 : Καδαας is a variation of Καδαουας that appears for the first time here (see no. 81 and Naour, op. cit., p. 113).