84. Epitaph of Nanas (and her husband?)

[καὶ . . ]ας ἀνέσ–
[τησαν] τὸν
[βωμὸν] Ναναδι
[τῇ ἀδε]λφῇ καὶ
[-ca. 3-] τῷ ἀνδρὶ
μνήμης χά–

Menis [and ...?] set up the altar for Nanas (their?) sister and [---] her husband in memory.

Round molded funerary base of white marble with relief depicting a man and a woman, seen by Naour in 1974 in the garden of the house of Kara Ali Özdemir in Çameli. Buried at the bottom.

Height: at least 110 cm; diameter: 37 cm; letters: 2 cm.

Naour (1976), p. 116, no. 7 (pl. V.7); SEG 26 (1976-77), no. 1423.

L. 1 : On Μῆνις see no. 82.

Ll. 2-3 : -ας must be the ending of a another name in the nominative, possibly Θόας (Naour).

L. 4 : On the female name Νανας see no. 48.

L. 6 : The name not preserved here must be that of Nanas' husband (Naour).