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88. Epitaph of Attes

Μόλης καὶ Δύδ[υ]–
μος ἐπιστά–
νουσιν τῷ
πατρὶ Αττῃ
χάριν μνή–
μ{ν}ης συναγω–
νισαμένης τῆς
γυνεκός Νανας.

Moles and Didymos erected16 (this) in their father Attes' memory, with support from his wife Nana.

Round, molded funerary base with relief depicting a woman and two children standing, seen by Naour in 1974 at the cemetery of Bıçakçı köy (6 km SW of Çameli, 12 km NW of Boubon). Broken above; the fracture has destroyed the upper half of the relief.

Height: at least 150 cm; diameter: 49 cm; letters 3-3.5 cm.

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Ll. 1-2 : Μόλης: see no. 63. Δίδυμος, though an almost ubiquitous Greek name, is not common in Lycia or Pisidia; cf. TAM III 142; Ramsay 1897; p. 305, no. 100; IK Kibyra I 85.

L. 4 : Αττης is more often attested in Pisidia and Lycia than elsewhere. Cf. i.a. Ramsay 1897; p. 306, no. 107; p. 307, no. 112; TAM II 881; 1223. Zgusta 1964, no. 119.10; Naour, op. cit. p. 117.

Ll. 4-5 : μνήμνης instead of μνήμης is a common mistake; see Naour, op. cit., p. 118.

Ll. 6-7 : On the meaning of συναγωνίζομαι see IBeroeae 7, with the comments of Νίγδελης and Σουρής 2005, p. 46, who cite SEG 28 (1978), no. 60, ll. 41-43; Robert 1960, p. 128 n. 1; Gauthier 1993, p. 51. Cf. Naour, op. cit., p. 118, on other verbs used in a similar sense in epitaphs.