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89. Epitaph of Menis and Krateros

Μ͜ῆ͜νις Κ̣ρ̣α̣τέρου, ἐ͜π͜ί–
κλ͜η ͜Σέρ̣γ̣ι̣ος, Μ͜ή͜νιδι τ–
ῷ τέκ<ν>ῳ καὶ τῷ ἀ–
δελφῷ Κρατέρ[ῳ]
[μνεί]ας χάριν.

Menis (also) called Sergios, son of Krateros, in memory of his son Menis and his brother Krateros.

Round molded funerary base of local limestone seen by Naour in 1974 in a field near the house of the school director in Taşavlu (2 km SE of Hekimler, 13 km NW of Boubon). The stone had a diagonal fracture at the bottom. The text was engraved under an empty frame.

Height: at least 90 cm; diameter: ca. 40 cm; letters: 3 cm.

Naour 1976, pp. 119-120, no. 11 (pl. VI.11); SEG 26 (1976-77), no. 1426.


Ll. 1-2 : On Μῆνις see no. 82. On Κράτερος Robert 1969, p. 271 n. 3. The name is common both in Lycia and in Pisidia. For Cibyra see IK Kibyra I 40; 63; 64; 69; 87; 159; 200; 237; 238; 322; 343. Ἐπίκλη instead of ἐπίκλην as one of several expressions used to denote an alias. Others include ὁ καί..., ὁ καλούμενος, λεγόμενος and ἐπιλεγόμενος. Cf. Naour, op. cit., p. 119 n. 41.

L. 3 : The stone has a triangular letter instead of a nu.