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40. Epitaph of Thoas

Θόας τρὶς τοῦ Δα–
ϊκράτους καὶ Γῆ
ἡ καὶ Ἀρτέμιον με–
τὰ τῆς μητρὸς Ἀρ–
τέμεις Μάγαντος
Θόαντι φιλοστόρ–
γῳ πατρὶ μνή–
μης ἕνεκεν.

Thoas III, great grandson of Daikrates, and Ge alias Artemion together with their mother Artemeis, daughter of Magas, in memory of their loving father Thoas.

Funerary column, found and documented by Bean and Schindler in 1966 at the foot of the mountain of Boubon on the eastern side, in what seems to have been a necropolis. The stone was broken in two pieces.

Height: 89 cm; diameter: 36 cm; letters: 2.5 cm.

Schindler 1972, no. 21 (pl. 1.5: sqeeze); BullÉp 1973, no. 461; Milner 1998, p. 3, no. 1.33.

L. 1-2 : Θόας: see no. 72. Δαϊκράτης: cf. no. 47. The name is not particularly common in Asia Minor, but it is attested another five times in Cibyra; IK Kibyra I 161 (see Corsten's commentary, p. 176), 162, 229, 274, 289). Γῆ as a female name is attested only in Asia Minor and is particularly popular in Pisidia and Lycia. In Termessos it may be connected to the cult of Γῆ καρποφόρος (Schindler, op. cit. p. 48); cf. Zgusta 1964, no. 202.6. The LGPN contains only one example, from Lesbos (in vol. 1). It is attested five times in IK Kibyra I (49; 113; 198; 230; 325) and once more in Boubon: no. 48.

L. 3-5 : Ἀρτέμιον: see no. 23. Ἀρτεμεις: cf. nos. 39, 56, 86 and 64. Μάγας: see no. 24.

The tomb and epitaph for Thoas were dedicated by his son of the same name, his daughter Ge and his wife Artemeis; see the stemma in Schindler (op. cit.), p. 48.